Man Vs. Missiles App Reviews

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Pretty good game

It is a nice game you should add aliens to spiff it up a bit and make it so if you go up to far then you could go into space. You should also make a invisible plane to confuse the missiles and add on sticky missiles and give you a chance to get them of by getting a power up.

I love this game but I have a few questions

I love this game and am wondering if you will be adding obstacles that you have to avoid when playing. Also I was wondering if their will be a PvP mode coming in the future? I would love that. My last suggestion is to add other maps that you unlock or have it so as you fly in one direction you change to a different part of the world. But once again I am looking forward to anything new that’s going to be added by these amazing game devs

Really Fun Update!

This update is amazing! Love the new game modes and the new planes! I am occasionally running into a bug where it won’t show incoming missiles but other than that this game is really fantastic!


I freaking love this game it is so fun and addicting thanks for a great game!

Love this game. More updates are needed.

The game is very fun and addicting. Easy controls and fluid gameplay. I do have some suggestions that could help improve the gameplay. 1. Make coins worth >1 coin to give more of a need to collect vs. just objective list 2. When there are too many missiles behind you any new ones don’t give a red warning indictor. 3. When continue to fly further away from a power-up or coin the marker gets larger and larger and is kind of buggy. 4 the gun power-up is pretty useless and hard to kill missiles with. I hope this game continues to get the updates and support it deserves. Thank you for the great game.

Great game

#1 for a #2

Awesome game

This is an awesome game

Love that game!

I love that game, and it’s way more entertaining than missiles, but please please do not put too many ads like so many growing games. Shout out for the developer, really good job listening to people and making the game interesting by always adding great new features.

Paid for no ads...STILL HAVE ADS

Folks, I paid for no ads...why are there still a ton of them?????? Fix this or give me my money back.

It’s a Blast. Literally.

I’m terrible at games like this but I love this one. Doesn’t make me any better at it. Just more enjoyment. Will I ever ascend to great heights in the game? Are you kidding? Me? But I don’t care. It’s fun. That’s all that counts. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get blown up again!

Wonderful game but

I am having problem I can’t play career mode Because it says you have to complete objective to unlock level 5 I am an old player in this game and i am now in level 14 Why is that

Great game with potential

This game is really fun and the physics are very well balanced. I think it would be awesome to add maybe other enemy ships you have to lure missiles to or shoot down. Also there should be a very rare missile that’s just freaking huge and moderately fast. Also some kind of multiplayer would be great maybe where people can duel with firing certain missiles to the other players ship? There’s a lot of cool ideas and I love the updates!


This is an awesome addictive game...if only for those ads!


Thought this would be a nice diversion with good levels and a challenge....NOT!!!!!!! This game is nothing but an ad based game, meaning every single stinking time you have to watch an ad before continuing....what a waste of my time.....this game goes in my DO NOT PLAY! FOLDER. Hey game developers....when you change this to a game without the annoying ads let me know....until then count me the anti-missile man who has better games to play. Oh, and when you come back with the response that I COULD purchase the NO AD option....why not just charge $.99 on the front end. If I had control of IOS apps game developers would have strict guidelines for approval of apps and THIS app would NOT be allowed.


Cool game

Way too difficult

Plane in first few rounds is horrible. Game doesn’t build up skill.

Nice game,sick ads

(๑ ̄ ̫  ̄๑)(๑ ̄ ̫  ̄๑)(๑ ̄ ̫  ̄๑)

You’ve been saying...

So in the hints it says that if you beat level 40 you get a free play mode. The game is fun but I’ve beat level 40 and I don’t see anything different other than that I don’t have anymore objectives so can you PLEASE add the free play mode?

Ads. Ads. Ads.

I give it 4 stars because Apple won’t take a 1 star review. (Try it) This is why we all have stopped mobile gaming. Awesome concept, nicely developed, great Apple reviews, but literally every 5 seconds an ad and video. This model of free app, bloated ads, is so disappointing anymore.

Stop Forcing Ads

You are part of the problem with mobile gaming, shame on you. Optional ads for coins and bonuses are acceptable but you are literal scum for forcing ads.

Invasive ads

I'm changing the rating to the lowest in an effort to pressure the developers to remove ads that auto play with the volume on even in silent mode. Respect silent mode for ads. It makes it impossible to play the game in crowded places.

Awesome game honestly

I love the game a lot when I wanna waste some time, and as my opinion with the new update the ammo upgrade is useless if it fires from the front of the plane instead of the back, seeing how the missiles are behind the plane, it would be nice if the next update can reverse the ammo direction

The ads ruin it. Not worth $2 to turn them off.

With the recent update the ads have become too much. They pop up too often and there is no escape before they complete. This used to be a game I could let my five year old play. Challenging without being to violent, with no killing or obvious bad guys. That is still true. But the ads kill it. They are dull and uninteresting, and I’m not giving it to my five year old when a video ad rolls every second or third play. I here is a purchase to turn off the ads, but it costs $ 1.99. I love this little game, but it isn’t worth $2 just to turn the ads off. Give us the open to turn off the ads, and just make it a buck. I imagine I’m worth far less then a dollar from advertising, especially since I will soon delete the app if there is no way to turn them off, or if the option to turn them off costs more then a dollar. It this will be just another casual play game that I end up deleting.

Great game, too many ads

One of the few games that really just keeps on getting better with each (and satisfyingly frequent) update. One problem i have with it- way to many ads, first few versions were managable but the recent ones flooded the app with ads and its verry annoying, maybe lessen the amount of ads or loewr the IAP price for removing ads to 0.99 like most other apps...

So much fun!

So fun and easy! I’m 26th in the world! Try to beat it!


One word says it all... FUN


Very adictive, but in iPhone X the flares button dissapear!!!!!


Great game but I just upgraded my game and I don’t have any missions. I just want to know if that’s part of the upgrade or what.

Excellent Game, but

I really wish this game had more levels. It’s really entertaining and addictive to continue playing but I just wish their were more levels available. I haven’t played it since the last level update, so I’m hoping there will be more levels soon.

Love the game, but...

This is an addicting game but it could use some things like a censer I know it has that red dot for the missile but a censer would be like making it brighter when it’s closer I think that would be cool!😎 Next one I the tournament or normal mode add missile racks to shoot the front end the flares shoot at the back of the plane I think if you add that a lot more players would join in on the fun Color blind mode! My friend is color blind but he said he wanted it he thinks reds is orange, pink, purple or yellow and blue green, or teal so if you would add it he could play! Please use at least one idea missile racks my favorite idea well thanks for reading

More challenges

It’s a fun game to play but it’s too short, you go through the challenges very easily and after it just gets boring.

I love this game.

beautiful game.

Good simple game

No fancy controls, just a fun experience. Only gripe is after you complete all 30 missions you go into free flight mode and at that point you lose all concept of the scoring. Would prefer addition of more levels and/or ability to go back to previous levels. Hint: towards the latter levels the newest plane is not always the best. Turning rate trumps speed.

Love the game!

Only thing I don’t like is that my actual high score does not stay on the leaderboard just my daily high score. Kind of frustrating when you make top 10 and go back down next day

Excellent game, minor feedback.

This game provided me a solid 2 days at work with entertainment, it was short lived due to me buying everything so I had no more real goals left to achieve. This is my concern. You built an excellent game with an excellent platform, however your game is too easy to beat or unlock things. I saw the option to purchase coins, and never once did I consider it. This is a revenue stream you’re failing to capitalize on, I’m sure the ad revenue you’re making is decent, but more money is more money. I love that everything’s unlock-able, but eventually I have nothing left to achieve and you have no more ways to make money off of me, as I no longer play the game. Work on these shortcomings and you’ll be good for the long haul.

Great game to me but flare button gone with ads

Game is awesome to say the least, my issue is that the ads that appear on the bottom of the screen take away from my use of the flares and I have to wait for awhile or they never disappear at all. Not too big of a concern.

Man vs missiles

Hey it’s playboii jr Cartie and I would love it if hade the two arrows that look like these ◀️▶️ < >. I think u get what I mean. ✌🏼 =}

Too easy

The game is too easy, I can open the app and survive for ten to fifteen minutes without dying, but then I get bored and just close the app. You should make it harder or add a type of hard mode.

Not bad

Entertaining game

More Levels

Need more planes and more levels



I love this game...but.

New planes. New backgrounds. Another missile or two, at least one where you have to use flare. Id also like for every spawn to increase in frequency as more and more time passes.


My only suggestions are more planes and more missiles.

Good game but..:

I really like playing this game. However after I accomplished the 30 challenges and bought all of the planes and upgrades I could, I discovered there is nothing more for me to accomplish. Now I am getting bored. I fly around avoiding missiles and collect coins and power ups. Now I have lots of coins with nothing to spend them on. There is nothing compelling me to play more. Please add more planes, upgrades, and challenges!

Great Game, but kinda short

Heya, I’ve never written a review before, but I want you guys to know that because I really love the idea of this game. It’s fun, and I think it’s great, but I think it’d be a great idea to add more objectives and planes to use. I don’t know if anyone else has said this, but I think it’d be a great idea. Once again, thanks for making an awesome game!

Great game, Add planes

I like this game a lot when I’m bored I play but know I’ve upgraded everything and I want more. Add some more planes so I can have more fun.


Thank you for the recent pause after call feature!

The real MVP

It’s rare to find a game these days that isn’t pay-to-win, or at least pay-to-feel-cool. This is a very fluid game that achieves the tough goal of keeping things interesting and enjoyable while flying around in circles; I’m excited for more planes and hopefully more levels!! 10/10 would recommend. Great app, thanks devs.

Flare button inop on iPhone X

Very annoying that the flare deploy does not work on the iPhone X. Frustrating to have to maddeningly tap it before it works.

Fun addictive game

Great game that keeps your attention. Only reason for 3-star rating is need more levels. You don’t feel like you are accomplishing anything in free play mode.

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